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Birthday Party, Familyday, Event, School and Kindergarten


For children's event, Kindergarten,
school and children's birthday party in Swiss Dialect, German or English.

Nobi is not just any children's magician – he is THE Swiss children's magician. Under the motto "Nobi is perfect!", the charmingly quirky Nobi enchants his young audience with humorous children's magic shows. He not only conjures up the blue sky but also a smile on every child's face.


Children are fascinated by Nobi, and not just because of his unique speech impediment. In his shows, they experience exciting surprises: A young skunk or even a robot might wander into the performance, creating complete chaos. Can he still save the show?


The shows, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, are perfect for children aged 5 to 12 years. Whether it's a children's birthday party, kids' party, children's event, kindergarten, or school – Nobi offers three different magic shows that captivate both children and adults.


Behind Nobi is Martin Iarrera, a professional magician since 1991 with heart and passion. As a member of the Magical Ring of Switzerland, he brings not only magical skills but also educational know-how – as a future primary school teacher, he knows exactly how to entertain and simultaneously foster children's development. He is an accredited magician for School + Culture of the Volksschulamt des Kantons Zürich.


Ready for a magical experience? Book Nobi now and dive into a world full of wonders and laughter!

Laughter and amazement.



Three different, entertaining and child-friendly shows:

If desired, the children can learn in a 15-minute magic course
a card magic trick they get to keep. Recommended from 8 years.

«Super magic show, perfectly tailored for kindergarten to 3rd grade. Highly Recommended!!!!"
Gisela Schödler, kindergarten teacher

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