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Do you have questions? Here you find the answers.

  • How much does a show cost?
    The prices for the various shows can be found in the menu under "Fees". For larger events with more than 200 people, you are welcome to contact me for an offer.
  • We're just having a little birthday party at home. Aren't these shows a tad too big for us?
    No. The whole concept and the space requirement can easily be adapted to your wishes. I can play anywhere, no matter the space, even outdoors.
  • Does the magician also appear in kindergarten or primary school?
    Yeah sure. If a performance is desired for the entire primary school and kindergarten, it is advisable to make two performances: one for the kindergarten/lower school age group and one for the middle school age group. The surcharge for a second show is approx. 50%. If the fee is too high for your school or kindergarten, talk to me. If you are flexible about the performance date, I can also accommodate you. As a prospective primary school teacher, I understand that.
  • School Projects?
    I have been a professional magician since 1991 and have experience as a workshop leader for magic, theater sports and theater pedagogy. As a prospective PHZH primary school teacher, I offer project weeks ​ from the 2nd grade in your school building. 5 days or on request. With or without a final presentation.
  • I don't like magicians! Magicians are boring, right?
    No! My shows aren't just about magic. The character Nobi has worked his way up to become a crowd favorite in recent years and impresses with his likable, quirky manner. The quick costume change from Nobi to the magician will also amaze the big audience. The shows are varied, entertaining and very funny.
  • Does the magician make balloon animals too?
    I deliberately avoid balloon animals. What sounds great at first turns into a nightmare at the latest when the magician has already left. Correct! The balloon animals burst and you can then comfort the children yourself...
  • We have a big event. Isn't Martin Iarrera a size too small?
    No. My biggest audience: 2'500 spectators. For up to 200 spectators I can provide my own stage technology (light, sound & stage curtain) including a platform. For larger events, I am happy to use the stage technology that is available, or you can book your preferred event technician.
  • I found much cheaper magician on the internet. How is that explained?
    I've been a full-time magician since 1991 and earn my money exclusively with my performances. I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of my shows and work with directors, costume designers and prop masters. With my original and unique shows and thanks to my experience from more than 5,000 performances, half of which are for children, I stand out from many of my supposedly cheaper competitors. I have a pedagogical education and am an official magician of the school authority of the city of Zurich and vouch for child-friendly, positive and loving shows.
  • What happens if the artist gets sick and can't come?
    In my whole career this has only happened 2-3 times. Thanks to a network of artists, magicians and comedians, I am happy to help you find a worthy replacement on the same terms. You can also rest assured that I will do everything possible to perform for you. Because I live exclusively from my performances...
  • What happens if I, as the organiser, have to cancel the event?
    By booking online or signing the engagement contract, I will definitely reserve the date for you. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the withdrawing party is obliged to compensate for the damage caused. If I can book an equivalent commitment, you will not incur any costs. In the event of force majeure, the contract expires without compensation. Bad weather, lack of visitors, lack of permits, etc. are not considered force majeure.
  • Are the shows really just for kids?
    The shows are designed for children, which means that the content, language and pace are suitable for children (5-12 years). Of course, it is also fun for adults to watch the children and to experience the dynamics and the pure enjoyment of the children. The show can be adapted for older children or for the whole family. Please contact me for this:

Questions? Special Requests?

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