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Two magicians: double the magic fun at the children's party, children's event or school.

An Unexpected Adventure with Assistant Nobi – A Magic Show Full of Surprises!


Assistant Nobi was originally there to announce his boss, the great magician. Yet, driven by curiosity, he experiments with the magic props – making the children laugh and marvel! Suddenly, as if by magic, the great magician himself appears, and the real magic show begins. How is this possible? A lightning-fast costume change or was it perhaps real magic?

Imagine rings that seemingly impossibly merge into one, as if becoming a single entity. Knots that dissolve into thin air right before your eyes, as if by ghostly hands. And three separate ropes that, in a stunning moment, suddenly transform into a single rope.


Have you ever seen a table that frees itself from gravity and begins to float? Are you ready to dive into a world where the impossible becomes possible?


  • Ideal for children's birthday parties, festivals, events, kindergartens, and schools, suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

  • Duration: 45 minutes for events, up to 60 minutes for school functions.

  • Magic Workshop as a Bonus: On request, I offer a 15-minute magic course where children learn a card magic trick to keep as a souvenir – perfect for budding magicians aged 8 years and older. Who knows, perhaps this is the beginning of a magical career?

Kinder-Zaubershow Kinder Event
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