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Small print capitalized.

  • The contract ist valid when you book online. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the withdrawing part is obliged to compensate for the damage caused, whereby the amount of the fee applies as the damage limit. Further claims for damages are excluded.

  • In the event of force majeure , this contract expires without compensation. 

  • The fee plus expenses is to be paid on site in cash or TWINT. Companies and schools pay against invoice.

  • The artist reserves the right to decline performances that involve a travel time of more than three hours. Alternatively, in such cases, the artist may charge an additional fee for the extra time spent, in addition to the regular travel costs.

  • The performance time agreed upon when the order was placed is binding for both parties. Extensions are charged at CHF 100 per hour or part thereof.

  • The number of spectators agreed upon when the order was placed is binding. If the agreed number of spectators is exceeded, CHF 20 must be paid for each additional spectator.

  • Bad weather, lack of visitors, lack of permits, etc. are not considered force majeure - the organizer must take precautions. If the tenant changes, the contract remains valid.

  • All copyrights belong to the artist. Video recordings are prohibited. Photography is permitted.

  • The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.


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