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Universal fun for kindergartens. In German only.

Captain Nobi's Magical Space Adventure – A Universe Full of Laughter and Magic!


Join me, Captain Nobi, on an exciting journey through the galaxies in my fun children's show. Aboard my spaceship, true to the motto "Nobi is perfect!", I have the mission to spread joy and laughter throughout the universe.


A special highlight of my show is a rebellious robot who not only speaks and interacts with me but also turns his head. When he speaks, lights illuminate to simulate his mouth movements. He can even laugh and display animations on his screen, showing the approach to various planets. During this adventurous journey, we discover fascinating places like the Vegetable Planet, the Mean Planet, the Small Planet, the Flower Planet, and even the Golden Planet. We won't be able to land everywhere, as some dangerous surprises await us.


  • Directed by: Jürg C. Maier

  • Props: Stahl & Traum

  • Electronics: Dan White

  • Idea, Concept, Graphics, and Sound Design: Martin Iarrera

  • This show is ideal for kindergartens.

  • Duration: 45 minutes full of fun and magic.

  • Language: Swiss Dialect or German only. English version upcoming. The other shows are available in English.


If the budget in the kindergarten or school is limited, but the interest is high, contact me! If you are flexible with the dates of the event, we can negotiate the fee.


Book now and experience a magical journey you will never forget!

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